Janice Ritter x5444 (ritter@floyd.HQ.ileaf.com)
Wed, 14 Sep 94 09:54:16 -0400

Hi everyboyd,
I'm a beginner with Sarracenias (have billions of Drosera).
I have an S.flava that's good size, with about 5 pitchers. The
tops of all the pitchers have turned brown and shriveled, but
the rest of the plant looks fine. The plant is in a peat/sand mix,
sits in distilled water, and sits near a southern window.

I moved it back from the window sill when I saw the browning/drying
of one pitcher top, but the browning/drying continued and
all the pitcher tops are dry like that now, while the rest of the
plant continues to look good. I live outside of Boston, btw.
It's generally in the 60s/70s now inside and out (no heat, no ac).

Do I need to put this guy in a terrarium so he gets more
moisture? Or is this a seasonal thing?


Janice Ritter