Greenhouse CP culture

Steven Klitzing (
Fri, 9 Sep 94 11:16:55 -0700

Hi all:

I'm just two or three weeks away from building my first greenhouse.
It's primarily for tropical orchids and CPs. My plan is to install
a photoelectric device that triggers the lights at 6 a.m. and then
turns them off once enough light has gathered. Then, at the end of
the day, if the light diminishes before 6 p.m., the lights come on
again and then turn off at 6 p.m. I want to maintain a photoperiod
of at least 12 hours, so the plants think they're in the tropics, or at least
that it's summer if they're from temperate climates. Will this scheme
encourage blooming and growth for most CPs? I intend to grow mainly
Nepenthes, VFTs, Cephalotus, and Drosera.