Re: Miracid, a virus, and a new list

Steve Reed (
Tue, 30 Aug 1994 20:03:30 -0400

>Hey souls.
>1)Miracid woes I hear? I never use it as a soil drench, only as a foliar
>spray on tuberous _Drosera_ and Pings.
>2)I got a note from a Canadian colleague who wrote, ``...tells me that the
>U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service got wind of the CP discussion group on
>Internet and started asking people to justify their collections and show
>proper permits etc. Is this true....?''
>As far as I know, this is not true. Has anyone gotten USFWS queries? I have
>a feeling this is just a rumour started from fears I expressed earlier
>about alleged new regulations regarding _Sarracenia_ horticulture.
Ok here's What I'm found in my CP catalogs:
Foreign orders: CANADIAN orders must be accompanied by an import permit
obtained from the department of agriculture. Residents of Arizona,
Louisiana, and Texas need to include extra $6 or so for a Phytosanitary

OK, Now please tell me more about MirAcid, and SUperthrive.
I Use SUperthrive on all my greenhouse plants, but never tried on my
thanx for all info