Nepenthes x merrilliata

James Powell (
Tue, 30 Aug 94 16:38:06 -0400

I just received a very interesting nepenthes with two conflicting
labels. The plant was supposed to be a N. x merrilliata (N. alata x N.
merrilliana). One label says this. The second label says N. ventricosa
x N. globamphora. It is a very odd looking plant with extremely narrow
strap-shaped leaves, reddish green but no living pitchers. It does have
one dead pitcher that has been crushed. It is short with a wide mouth
and a fairly narrow peristome - I know that isn't much info. Anybody
growing this hybrid? Does it sound like I got what I ordered? What
does it look like and (most important) how much heat can

it take??


It came from Glasshouse Works, if that helps...

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