Re: Lowrie's Book

John Taylor [Catweasel] (
Fri, 26 Aug 94 11:25:07 DST

>Allan Lowries book "Carnivorous Plants of Australia Vol 1" is now
>out of print. In fact I have just heard that Allan had given away
>the two copies he had with the thought of going down to the
>publisher and getting a couple more copies. Herein lies the
>problem... he couldn't buy his own book! It seems some society
>bought the last copies (Whoops!). That's O.K. we sold him one
>back again.
>The problem is that the ACPS doesn't have any stock left either,
>so if you find a copy and you've always wanted one, I'd buy it.
>Volume 2 is still available (about 300 copies left) and Volume
>three is still in the pipeline.

Gardenworld's Collectors Corner book section has about 3 copies of both
Vol 1. and 2. in the hardback version, last time I was there. If you're
really desperate for a copy, I can supply their address - I'm sure that
they could mail a copy.


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