Jan Schlauer (
Thu, 25 Aug 1994 13:14:42 +0100

Dear Dennis,

> (...) in my country are few works in this area.

I (in Germany!) do know of five researchers presently working on
carnivorous plants in Brasil (2 in Rio de Janeiro and 3 in Sao Paulo). At
least 3 of these have published a considerable number of papers already.

You should at least contact Fernando Rivadavia, a student at the university
of Sao Paulo. He is very co-operative (main activities: _Drosera_ and
Lentibulariaceae in Brasil).
His address is:

Fernando Rivadavia
Rua Inacio Pedroso 230
C.E.P. 05612-050
Sao Paulo, S.P.

>I need so much any information about Carnivorous Plants,

I (and maybe also some other subscribers to this list...) need the same.
But maybe we could share some bits for common benefit. I only needed to
know what you are interested in more specifically.

My "hobbies" are taxonomy (which is of course simultaneously including and
fertilizing all other disciplines of Botany 8-)) and nomenclature of cp and
of some other heterotrophic phanerogams.

Kind regards

Jan Schlauer
Quenstedtstr. 22
72076 Tuebingen