D. cistiflora

Wed, 24 Aug 1994 08:24:32 +0930


>What does anyone know about the cultivation of Drosera
>Is it tuberous? Does it require a dry dormant period?

I have grown this plant from seed and it flowered for the first
time this year :). It is not tuberous but dies down to a dormant
rootstock each summer. A dormant period is necessary (I think).

>I raised some from seed last year - they germinated in Spring
>and continued to grow for more than a year, but the stems (by
>then up to 6 inches/150 mm long) then started to die back, so I
>thought it was maybe time for a rest. I sowed more out of the
>same packet this year, and they are now still at the rosette

Mine died back every year and stayed at the rosette stage for two
years. I dry them totally, like tuberous Drosera, during the
summer period and begin watering again in autumn after the first
rains. The seed actually took over a year to germinate the first
time, but the plant has come back every year so far. I'll keep my
fingers crossed.

>Also being tried this year are seed of D. occidentalis and
>The occidentalis now have tiny rosettes and flower buds, but the
>villosa have not made much progress since germination.

Again, I had forgotten about my D. villosa because they didn't
germinat for two years (I give all my seed 2 years grace). They
sit amongst my Sarracenia quite happily, the largest plant being
about 6-7cm in diameter. They look very interesting with their
downy white hair. They haven't flowered yet but I'm still hoping!