Drosera cistiflora

Clarke Brunt (CLARKE@lsl.co.uk)
Tue, 23 Aug 1994 17:37:53 GMT

What does anyone know about the cultivation of Drosera cistiflora?
Is it tuberous? Does it require a dry dormant period?

I raised some from seed last year - they germinated in Spring and
continued to grow for more than a year, but the stems (by then up
to 6 inches/150 mm long) then started to die back, so I thought it
was maybe time for a rest. I sowed more out of the same packet this
year, and they are now still at the rosette stage.

Also being tried this year are seed of D. occidentalis and villosa.
The occidentalis now have tiny rosettes and flower buds, but the villosa
have not made much progress since germination.

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