CP Germination Info Request

Mon, 22 Aug 1994 22:01:55 -0400 (EDT)

Hi all. I could use a little help with some seed germination. A little
over two weeks ago I planted some seed I obtained from the ICPS Seedbank
and have not seen any signs of germination. I have read that Nepenthes
are notoriously slow to germinate so I'm not surprised that the N. viellardii
haven't shown up yet. I also planted S. alata, S. minor, S. flava,
U. chrysantha, Drosera neesii ssp neesii and D. peltata on sterilized
milled spaghnum which is contained in a plastic pot with a clear cover
sitting in a South-facing window. Am I being impatient? Could someone
provide me with some appoximate germination times for any of these speces?

Any information/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


John Ford