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Thomas Johnson
PO Box 12281
Glendale, CA 91224-0981

Let me know what interests you, and I will hold it for two weeks until I
receive your payment. Seeds are $1.00 per packet. Send a self addressed
stamped envelope. Should have .39 or .52 postage depending on number of
seeds ordered.

N. ventricosa #1
N. vieillardii
Ping. caerulea (3)
P. vulgaris (3)
S. alata Beauregard Parish (4)
S. alata Vernon Parish
S. alata Angelina Cty Texas
S. flava
S. flava Ben Hill Cty, GA
S. leucophylla
S. leuco Ala (3)
S. purpurea
S. purp venosa (2)
S. rubra
S. X (alata X psit) X alata (?)
S. Xcatesbaei (2)
S. X chelsonii (3)
Utric. chrysantha
U. longifolia (2)
D. aliciae
D. anglica Hawaii
D. auriculata
D. auriculata NZ (4)
D. binata (10)
D. binata Haraki plain (2)
D. binata North Plains (2)
D. brevifolia (2)
D. burkeana (2)
D. burmannii
D. callisto (10)
D. capensis
D. capensis Narrow Leaf
D. capillaris (3)
D. coccicaulis
D. dielsiana (3)
D. indica rd plt, pk flwr
D. indica rd plt, orange flwr
D. indica grn plt pk flwr
D. intermedia
D. intermedia Carolina Giant
D. intermedia Tropical
D. intermedia Brunswick, NC
D. intermedia Pine Barrens (3)
D. natalensis (2)
D. neesii neesii
D. peltata grn rosette Molgoa, NSW
D. peltata Kandos
D. peltata NZ (3)
D. ramellosa (3)
D. rotundifolia
D. rotundifolia Haines Alaska (3)
D. rotundifolia S. bohema Czech Republic
D. sessilifolia (3)
D. spatulata (4)
D. sp 'Magaliesburg
D. trinervia

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