Nepenthes Seed germination

Thu, 18 Aug 1994 13:13:20 -0500 (EST)

Hi Dave,

If the seeds were from the ICPS Seedbank, I got germination starting
at 3-4 weeks. The seeds were sown dry onto the surface of sphagnum
peat in a 6" plastic pot and stood in 1 inch of water. The pots were
partially covered with a clear plastic tray and recieved 1-2 hours of
very late PM sunlight (direct). I have the N. ventricosa and N.
viellardia (sp?) seeds and both are germinating. The N. viell. had a
bit of fungus on the seeds, but that disappeared with increased
ventilation. The pots are outside with temps ranging from 65-70 F in the
evening to 85-95 F during the day. Now that germination has started I've
been misting with 1/4 strength Miracid and 1 drop/liter superthrive.
Hope this helps!

Jeff in NC