Re: Nepenthes seed

Steven Klitzing (
Thu, 18 Aug 94 08:15:10 -0700


I don't know if I would advise soaking the seeds in
water for 3-4 days, or letting them submerge. In
the tropics, these plants don't grow or germinate in
pools of water. Moist, yes, they do get moist because
of the rain. Do not allow direct sunlight to shine
on the seeds. Make sure any light that hits them
is bounced, diffused, or reflected light. Nepenthes
are sometimes difficult to germinate and you never
know if the seed sold to you is viable. A sprouting
pot full of peat (you can treat the peat with a mild
solution of anit-fungus anti-slime juice before you
plant the seeds. Make sure you cover the pot with
a baggie and take the baggie off once a day to refresh
the air.

Has anyone tried sprouting Nepenthes seeds using a
flask full of sterilized agar, like they do for
orchids? This might be worth trying and investigating.