Fruit Flies

Carl Strohmenger (
Thu, 18 Aug 1994 06:07:54 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 17 Aug 1994, Steve Reed wrote:

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> How good are little fruit flies or gnats for my Fly Trap and
> Pitcher Plants?
Fruit flies and gnats are more suited for Pinguiculas. For VFT's and
pitchers, something the size of a house fly up to a small grasshopper is
indicated. If the prey is too large, it seems to harm the trap through
decay products before it is fully digested. I once swatted a large (3"
long x 3/4" dia.) grasshopper and then stuffed it into one of the larger
pitchers on a Sarracenia purpurea. The trap turned dark brown/black in a
few days and died. But, I've never had a problem with insects in the
range of 1" long x 1/4" dia.