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LAM Shing (shlam@hkueee.hku.hk)
Mon, 15 Aug 94 18:26:12 HKT

I bought a Japanese CP book while I was in Tokyo. It's a book on
Nepenthes with lots of good quality photos of Nepenthes in natural
Habitats. Some of you may be interested.

Author: Tetsuya Oikawa
Title: Nepenthes - The Grief Vanishing
Publisher: PARCO CO.,LTD.
Year: 1992
ISBN: 4-89194-309-2
pages: 66

Nepenthes rajah, N. villosa, N. tentaculata, N. lowii, N. mirabilis, N.
bicalcarata, N. ampullaria, N. gracilis, N. reinwardtiana, N. fusca, N.
X Kinabaluensis, N. rafflesiana, N. northiana, N. merrilliana, N.
Edwardsiana, N. stenophylla, N. maxima, N. eymae
Morphology and functions of Nepenthes.

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