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Fri, 12 Aug 1994 01:17:23 -0700 (PDT)

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> Hey Joe,
> The other world (US,JAP)is sleeping now :)))but....what about Australia?

Maybe not ALL of the USA is sleeping right now. I'm still up!
Traffic has been low, even for US recipients, like me, this weekend.
I guess everyone is into the dog days of August. I thought everyone
in Europe was on Vacation this month? (Well, at *least* in Germany.)
Smiley to those across the globe.

Anyway, I subscribed to this list, after many, many false starts because
of an interest in CPs. I have not really tried any right now. I am still
analyzing their distinctly different needs! I did buy a couple of common,
gold old-fashioned Venus Fly traps (bred from tissue culture, not wild
harvested...if anyone has insights into the veracity of this claim, I'd
be happy to hear them.) Unfortunately, one night when one of them
was rather dry, I used my tap water to water it. Just once! It died
the next day. I'm doing better on #2, bought at the same time, but has
only lived on distilled water. The one watering of tap water just
really fascinated me. How could it kill it so fast? (I did NOT do
what most people do with a VFT....stroke it to close the traps.)
So, I'm subscribing to learn more.

Orginally my plan was to make a peat bog near my outdoor pond
for California Pitcher Plants and Venus fly traps and to try to make
a "native" environment for them. (They are not native to my area,
at least so far as I know). After the water incident, I know I can't
make that happen, as I have sprinklers that sprinkle the pond area
to keep the rest of the plants alive (and certainly could not afford
distilled water for the whole pond area!)

If there is an FAQ for this list, I'd appreciate it. I'm rather taken
aback by all the species names (taxonomy?) that I can't find references
too and that makes a novice feel unwelcome. Maybe I should have
lurked awhile longer, so I will continue to lurk and try to learn. My main
interest is in the native environments of these plants and how to attempt
to create a native environment. I feel they are kind of like the amphibians
of late. Truly in danger of extinction due to water pollution,
pesticides, herbicides, etc.

I rambled on too long. No, I'm no expert. I didn't just retire from
owning a business for 20 years specializing in CPs (no offense to the user
who just sent in that message). In fact, 20 years ago, I was 3, but now
have my own 3 year old. (Who does NOT touch my fly traps!).
So, please bear with me.
I promise I won't ask stupid questions after lurking for awhile longer!

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