Re: Fungicides

Ron Schlosser (RonS@nesbbx.rain.COM)
Thu, 11 Aug 94 21:53:08 PST

> Hi Folks,
> My Benomyl finally ran out and I need to treat some nepenthes seed flats.
> Any suggestions? Any experience with Thiram or Daconil? Thanks!
> Jeff in NC

A substitute for Benlate is a product known either as Cleary's 3336 or
Domaine. These 2 products are identical and can be found either as a
flowable or a wetable powder in water soluable packs. They are
chemically related to Benlate (Benomyl) and have the same actions. In
regards to Daconil, it is a good broad spectrum fungicide, but I've had
some burn on Drosera.

Ron Schlosser Oregon City Oregon