Czech book

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 10 Aug 1994 23:59:20 +0700


Our esteemed colleague Ivo mentioned a CP book by Miloslav Studnicka he
is willing to distribute, and he and our inestimable email companion
Jeff W asked me for a few words on it. Well here they come.

I suspect the book is well written and laid out in a logical format. But of
course, I can only guess what is being discussed by the pictures and latin
names interspersed in the Czech. It's about 150 pages, hardbound.
There are 80 nice colour photos of various plants. Very few of the plants
are not found in other books in my collection, but I have about 25 CP
books and magazines and many years of CP journals so I'm a little
spoiled in this respect.

Certainly for 6 bucks the book is worth it. I've got it right there next to my
Japanese books!