P. ionantha blooming

Kevin Snively (hplms26.hpl.hp.com!complnk!kevin)
Tue Aug 9 05:26:48 1994

Last winter a famous (infamous?) grower of
_Sarracenia_ and _Utricularia_ sent me four
itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie _P. ionantha_ seedlings.
Of the four plants I received all survive. I have
been watching with some interest as the two largest
went into bud around the 20-25 of last month. For
the last few days I've been working an astronomers
shift, taking a little overtime the last two nights
trying to earn enough money to go to the S.E.C.P.C.
Meeting in Atlanta. As a result of all the hours
I've worked I havn't been able to pay as close of
attention as I usually like to my greenhouse.
This evening after work I finally managed to get
back out there and was pleased to find that the
flowers were open. One a pale violet the other a
light pink blush turning almost burgundy near the
ovary. THANKYOU MASKED MAN!!!!! Peace and clear skys.
I have my tooth pick ready and I know how to use it.
It looks like I'm going to get to have kinky sex
with a flower!

kevin snively