Jan Schlauer (
Tue, 9 Aug 1994 10:41:10 +0100


>On the other hand, if you're being clever and anticipating a
>reorganisation of Pinguicula to group all P. moranensis forms as a
>single P. moranensis complex, no problem and I take my hat off to you!

You can leave your hat on.

One does not need to be specifically clever nor to anticipate anything to
do this! It was done as long ago as 1966, when CASPER clarified the "enfant
terrible" _Pinguicula_sect.Orcheosanthus_. He was the one who grouped all
"forms" into a single species _P.moranensis_.

Since then (1966), some people have again split the species _P.moranensis_
into several rather ill-defined microspecies of unknown (as I fear very
limited) taxonomic value. As far as I can judge, _P.moranensis_ is probably
the most widespread species in Mexico, and it has a very wide range of
variation. This complex species is in need of a thorough revision; it can
not and will never be "resolved" if only a bunch of +/- new names (without
discussion of chorology, variability, ecology, and affinity) are proposed,
some of which only describing clones or cultivated plants of insufficiently
known origin (resulting in "individual" nomenclature, not increased

Kind regards