Re: N et P, ordering information

Paul Temple (
Mon, 08 Aug 94 16:48:10 +0100

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>Paul : maybe you could contact JJ and see what can be done about
> the conditions stated above?

No need. JJ has a problem in the CITES and Phto certificates are
expensive in time and money so a minimum value order is thwe only way
to offset costs of admin.

If someone needs some plants and the order is well below the minimum
1000FF, I'm willing to see if I can negotiate a special exception with
JJ but this probably means getting him to send things to me and me
sending it on (after I sort out CITES and Phytos - I don't know UK costs yet).

However, I will lety JJ know that the 1000FF is killing potential
business and see if he wants to rethink the minimum.

I can't respond to you on doing something about the other conditions as
I don't understand what'sa wrong with them! Let me know what it is you
want done.