Re: Re tobacco-mosaic-virus

Phil Soderman (
Sun, 7 Aug 1994 21:20:37 -0700 (PDT)

> I believe {someone mentioned that a synthesized (or purified) form of >
nicotine was available for commercial use. > JMS
The nicotine sulfate based pesticide Blackleaf 40 has been off the market=
for about 2 years. There is a nicotine based fumigant device, 1-12oz. can=
per 20,000 cu ft of greenhouse space, that is still marketed. This form is=
not suitable for terrarium or wardian case type enclosures. I have used=20
both of these products for years to control sucking insects like Aphids,=20
while nicotine is effective it is also extremely toxic and if you find=20
any product treat it with care. A vet gave an example of it's toxicity=20
with the following. Nicotine 1 drop on the tongue of a dog is a lethal=20
dose. But 1/2 drop exposure quickly toughens the dogs system and shortly=
it can tolerate a larger dose. Smokers have much less of a problem using=
the nicotine based materials.
I believe this thread got started with Caterpiller control problems. The=20
bacterial insecticide Bacillus thuringensis, there are many brands, works=
well to control this pest. The other type of material is Beneficial=20
Nematodes, microscopic worms which attack soil dwelling, moist=20
environment insects. There are several brands and several species. I=20
have used the Gardian brand. These nematodes live in the soil and may=20
remail viable for some time. They work well on Caterpillers, Fungus gnat=20
larvae and a wide range of other insects. Phil Soderman

> I believe =FBsomeone mentioned that a synthesized=20
(or purified) form of > nicotine was available for commercial use.