Bad taste

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Fri, 5 Aug 1994 09:52:14 +0700

As Joachim wrote of his Euro-excursions:

>I hope, my description was not too boring to you, when you have read the
>one of Paul Temple several days before (I could not read it, because by
>an accident I have lost this mail :-[)

And Paul responded regarding his posting,

>You managed to express your excitement and you named locations all in
>just one screen of information.
>I, on the other hand, mailed out about 4 screens of words. I bet yours
>was better appreciated!!!

These postings are of course nonsense. I think that reports of what people
are finding in the field are exceedingly interesting, and instantly are
stored by me for future reference. Joachim and Paul, keep on with those
field-trips, and keep us well posted! Anyway, when I toured the southeastern
US last summer, I posted a description more than 350 lines long. The two
Euro-reports were tiny! Flesh them out! :)

>> For your information, your ping is probably _P.primuliflora_. If the
>Does any know if this is self-pollinating? Will it make some seeds
>without any other Pings around?

It is not self pollinating. But---put on a quiet Sade album, open a snappy
red wine, and when the moment is right---produce the toothpick.