RE: Re - Scanners

Wed, 3 Aug 1994 19:31:00 -0500 (CDT)

Agreed. Carl, did you mean scan in 10 per week or e-mail out 10
copies per week? If you mean e-mail them out, then I'll be the first to
offer help in distribution. It's probably not a good idea to simply post
them. Some people's buffers are too small to handle files that large.
Direct e-mailing is probably better. If you mean scanning in, then I agree.
It's too much to ask more than that. I can get access to a scanner on a
regular basis, so I would love to help as well. We'll need to figure out
what pictures to scan and who to get them from, etc.
Perhaps we could even store scans in the CP archive, but I'm not
sure how good of an idea that is, mainly because of storage space. In our
horticulture computer lab, we have quite a number species, each having
pictures of the plant, flowers, and other distinguishing photos. Usually
amounting to three pictures per species. Why NOT build a CP