Re: Cyanide

Ross Koning (
Wed, 3 Aug 1994 14:15:26 -0500

My understanding about tobacco as an insecticide
rests on the presence of nicotine. As many of you are
probably aware, nicotine is a potent insecticide and
is the active agent in the greenhouse pesticide called
Black Leaf 40.

I avoid pesticides as much as I can, and I would never
use a tobacco slurry in my greenhouse for fear of the
Tobacco Mosaic Virus that is undoubtedly in tobacco
that has been processed for smoking. This virus affects
almost all members of the nightshade family including
tomato, potato, petunia, eggplant, pepper, etc. While
insects can be controlled in a variety of ways, viruses
are VERY difficult to eliminate. So I would use Black Leaf
40 (purified nicotine sulfate) before a tobacco slurry.


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