Re: tobacco

Steven Klitzing (
Wed, 3 Aug 94 07:33:46 -0700

>The fermentation-process does not inactivate tobacco-mosaic-virus
>(TMV). I cannot think of a moreefficient way of spreading this
>disease. It is not restricted to tobacco and it is known that
>orchid-growing smokers infested their plants with viruses sticking on
<their hands after smoking.

Okay. Since your problem is caterpillars, use BT (Bacillus Thuringensis).
The stuff is 100 percent effective (at least when I use it) and safe for
plants, the environment, and you. Spray every 7 days and make sure to spray
into the surface of the soil in your pots. It smells for a day, but there's
no better way to zap caterpillars.