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>Subject: Re: Malthion as a carcinogen

>I remember there was a guy back in the 1970's who was adamant
>that DDT was harmless to humans and animals. The guy went around
>having talks with the press and ecological groups. He would make
>his point by taking a tablespoon and eating an entire quart of
>powdered DDT. Then he would say "See, there's nothing harmful
>about this stuff." He ate DDT powder every day as part of his
>diet to prove that DDT was harmless.

>I don't know if he is still alive. I doubt it.

>If you really want a good poison to spray on your CPs, just grind
>up a cup full of apple seeds and spray them on your plants. The
>chief ingredient is cyanide. This would be very organic, though
>I doubt it would be safe. The newspaper reported about some
>health food nut back in the 1970's who began eating a cup full
>of apple seeds and then suddenly expired when he was halfway

>One of the best anti-bug juice mixtures I ever saw was used by
>my grandfather. He took pipe tobacco, mixed it with water and
>created a nicotine slurry. He put the diluted juice into his
>sprayer and sprayed his plants with it. The stuff even killed
>tomato hornworms (that's odd!). It might be worth trying because
>it's simple, cheap, and effective. And it won't make you sick
>unless you dine on carnivorous plants or smoke it.


By the way, I once learned of someone using cinnamon to cure an orchid with
leaf rot.