Re: Malthion as a carcinogen

Steven Klitzing (
Tue, 2 Aug 94 15:00:58 -0700

I remember there was a guy back in the 1970's who was adamant
that DDT was harmless to humans and animals. The guy went around
having talks with the press and ecological groups. He would make
his point by taking a tablespoon and eating an entire quart of
powdered DDT. Then he would say "See, there's nothing harmful
about this stuff." He ate DDT powder every day as part of his
diet to prove that DDT was harmless.

I don't know if he is still alive. I doubt it.

If you really want a good poison to spray on your CPs, just grind
up a cup full of apple seeds and spray them on your plants. The
chief ingredient is cyanide. This would be very organic, though
I doubt it would be safe. The newspaper reported about some
health food nut back in the 1970's who began eating a cup full
of apple seeds and then suddenly expired when he was halfway

One of the best anti-bug juice mixtures I ever saw was used by
my grandfather. He took pipe tobacco, mixed it with water and
created a nicotine slurry. He put the diluted juice into his
sprayer and sprayed his plants with it. The stuff even killed
tomato hornworms (that's odd!). It might be worth trying because
it's simple, cheap, and effective. And it won't make you sick
unless you dine on carnivorous plants or smoke it.