Re: Re: Green Slime

John Taylor [Catweasel] (
Thu, 28 Jul 94 09:28:02 DST

>You might try lowering the water level some or
>letting the pots dry out a bit more between waterings.
>Watch carefully to avoid stressing the plants.

I have this problem (quite severely) on my D. binata "Giant" sphagnum. This
is in sphagnum and regularly dries out (oops!) - the slime is still going

>This may also be a sign of a high salt content (minerals, not just
>NaCl) in the soil. If so, you should throughly flush your soil out.

My plant's in a hanging basket with a tray - so it is always flushed out
whenever I water. I do you tap water though, so it's quite possible that
enough nutrients are retained in the sphagnum to feed the slime...

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