Leaf Rotation

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@mips3.as.arizona.edu)
Wed, 27 Jul 94 10:31:40 MST

>> Anyway the really interesting thing about the plant is that each petiole
>> is twisted about 20--60 degrees (not bent, but rather spirally twisted

>We see a similar taxonomic feature in Quercus laevis, Turkey Oak, in
>central Florida. One of the key features differentiating this species
>from some of the other oaks with similar leaf shape is the characteristic
>twist to of the petiole that results in the plane of each leaf being
>oriented vertical wrt the ground plane.

Interesting. I saw this species a lot in South Carolina, but did not notice
the leaf plane. Here in the desert many plants use pulvini to orient their
leaves w.r.t. the sun, either to minimize or maximize solar absorption. But
these don't twist in the same direction as I mentioned with _D.chrysolepsis._
Does _Q.laevis_ rotate all or most of its leaves in the same direction?