tough pests

Tue, 26 Jul 94 18:14:35 PDT

It took me the longest time to figure what was eating most of my
sarracenia. Late at night earwigs are eating the tubes or falling in
the tubes and sometime s successfully eating their way out!!! Is there
a safe and sane way to take car e of these without amazingly toxic
substances? They particularly love the new S arracenia shoots leaving
me with exotic looking pitcher things... when they gro w up. These
plants are for the most part quite healthy and all have several unm
arked pitchers but the bugs do take their toll....

My N. alata cutting has two 3" pitchers inside at 20% humidity growing
in the open and creating a third. My sickly cephalotus after enclosing
it in a plasti c bag has recovered from a single pitcher to its present
nine. Thanks for every one's advice. Seedling S. oreophila are growing
like weeds

Better Luck next time's: A S. rubra which just flowered managed to rot?
And a S. minor never emerged f rom dormancy. Still Growing