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As I told yesterday, I try to compile a list of CP books.
This list is now in the server (its name should be cpbooks)..
I'm sending this file to all and I'd like to hear some comments.
# The following is a list of books on CPs which I've seen or heard about.
# All books are in English unless indicated othervise. Some of the entry
# hasn't a description because I've only found a citation.
# If you know anything what could improve this list, please e-mail me at
# koudela@karlov.mff.cuni.cz
# or send a snail letter to
# Ivo Koudela
# Okruzni 25/21
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# 591 01
# Czech Republic

Aleksandrova, Vera Danilovna: "Rastenya - khishniki" (Plants - ). Leningrad,
Detgiz, 1955.
Descr.: in Russian, 52 p., 38 drawings + 3 small maps, primarily for
children knowing nothing about CPs, text has a format of tales or short
stories, no scientific names, no information on cultivation, no references.

Baffray, M., Brice, F., Danton, P. and Tournier, J.-P.: "Nature et Culture
des Plantes Carnivores". Editions Edisud?, Aix-en-Provence, C.-Y.
Chaudereille, 1989.
Descr.: in French, ?

Baffray, M., Brice, F. and Danton, P.: "Les plantes Carnivores de France".
Sequences, 1985.
Descr.: in French, 134 p. ?

Bentley, Linna: "Plants that Eat Animals". McGraw-Hill Book Co., NY, 1968.
Descr.: primarily for children, 31+1 p., skimpy text, B&W/color drawings,
no information on cultivation, see also CPN 19/1&2 (1990) p.32-40.

Braem, Guido: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen". Naturbuch Verlag, 1992.
Descr.: in German, ?

Carrow, Thomas and Furst, Ruedi: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen - Artenubersicht -
Kultur - Vermehrung". ?, 1990.
Descr.: in German, ?

Casper, S. Jost: "Monographie Der Gattung Pinguicula L.". Bibliotheca Botanica
Heft 127/128, Vol.31, 1966.
Descr.: in German, ?

Cheers, Gordon: "Carnivorous Plants". Globe Press, Melbourne, Australia, 1983.
Descr.: 97 p., 46 colour photos. A book mostly dedicated to cultural
information of the commonly grown species.

Cheers, Gordon: "A Guide to the Carnivorous Plants of the World".
Collins/Angus & Robertson, Pymble, NSW, Australia, 1992.
Descr.: 174 p., 231 photos, review CPN 22/1&2 (1993) p.41-2 by D.E.Schnell
" This is an excellent book. ... I would recommend that if you could only
afford one book, this should be your first choice."

Darwin, Charles: "Insectivorous Plants". 1875. (following ed. 1888, AMS Press,
Descr.: a classical work, together Lloyd should be in a library of every
CP botanically founded enthusiast (Juniper et al.).

Dean, Anabel: "Plants that Eat Insects: A Look At Carnivorous Plants".
Lerner Publications, Minneapolis, 1977.
Descr.: primarily for children, 32 p., brief text, simple B&W drawings,
no information on cultivation, no scientific names, see also CPN 19/1&2
(1990) p.32-40.

Diels, L.: "Droseraceae". in A. Engler (ed.): Das Pflanzenreich, IV.112,
Heft 26, Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig und Berlin, 1906.
Descr.: 286 p., in Latin with German introduction, 40 drawings, ?

Erickson, Rica: "Plants of Prey in Australia". University of Western Australia
Press, 1968 (following ed. 1978 ?; 1986).
Descr.: 94 pages, no photographs but 18 plates (B&W and colour) of densely
illustrated botanical drawings. Excellent companion to Lowrie's later works.
No cultural information. A book covering all the Australian CP known at the

Fessler, Alfred: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen". Kosmos, Stuttgart, 1982.
Descr.: in German, 112 p. ?

Goldstein, Phillip: " Animals & Plants that Trap". Holiday House, NY, 1974.
Descr.: primarily for children, 118+19 p., detailed work with good B&W
drawings, B&W photos, no overview on trap mechanisms, see also CPN 19/1&2
(1990) p.32-40.

Jebb, Matthew: "An Account of Nepenthes in New Guinea". in Science in
New Guinea, vol. 17, No.1, The University of Papua New Guinea,
Descr.: 45 p., ?

Jolivet, Pierre: "Les Plantes Carnivores". Le Rocher, Monaco, 1987.
Descr.: in French, 126 p. ?

Juniper, B.E., Robins, R.J. and Joel, D.M.: "The Carnivorous Plants". Academic
Press, London, 1989.
Descr.: 353 p., B&W drawings. Very good research work on cytology and chemistry
of CPs, but riddled with errors on other matters. This is not a book for
a casual CPer, rather it is intended for the biochemist.(Barry M.-R.)

Komiya, S.: "Carnivorous Plants, Observation and Cultivation." ?
Descr.: in Japanese, ?

Kondo, K. and Kondo, M.: "Carnivorous Plants of the World in Colour".
Ienohikari Association, Tokyo, 1983.
Descr.: in Japanese, 232 pages, 220 colour photos. Excellent resource for
the photos, nearly all of which are correctly identified.

Kurata, S.: "Nepenthes of Mt. Kinabalu". Sabah National Park Trustees, Sabah
National Park Publication No.2, Kota Kinabalu, 1976.
Descr.: 80 p, 27 colour and B&W plates. A good reference work for the
Nepenthes on this mountain, although it is too short.

Lecoufle, Marcel: "Carnivorous Plants: Care and Cultivation". Blandford, London,
1990 (also in French: "Comment Choisier et Cultiver vos Plantes
Carnivores", Editions Bordas, Paris, 1989)
Descr.: 144 p, many colour photos. Filled with a vast number of errors.
Not worth it (Barry M.-R.).

Lerner, Carol: "Pitcher Plants". William Morrow & Co., Inc., NY, 1983.
Descr.: primarily for children, 63+1 p., B&W/color drawings, 1 map, no
information on cultivation, review CPN 12/2 (1983) p.53 by D.E.Schnell:"This
superb little book...should be in every CP enthusiast's library. ",
see also CPN 19/1&2 (1990) p.32-40.

Lloyd, Francis E.: "Carnivorous Plants". Chronica Botanica Company, Waltham,
Massachusets, 1942. (following ed. Dover Publications, Inc.,
NY, 1976)
Descr.: XVI + 352 p. (11 figures in text, 38 B&W plates), much information
on anatomy, histology and early experiments with digestion. Together with
Darwin should be in a library of every CP botanically founded enthusiast.
(Juniper et al.)

Lowrie, Allen: "Carnivorous Plants of Australia" vol.1. University of Western
Australia Press, 1987.
Descr.: 200 p., covers all of tuberous droseras, same format as vol.2.

Lowrie, Allen: "Carnivorous Plants of Australia" vol.2. University of Western
Australia Press, 1989.
Descr.: 202 p., covers all of the pygmy sundews + 2 non-pygmy, non-tuberous
droseras + 3 tuberous drosera, key of pygmy sundews, key of their gemmae,
excellent description, drawings, range maps and color photos. Highly
recomended! Review CPN 19/1&2 (1990) p. 49-50 by D.E.Schnell. In the light
of new discovers there are some old names, field names and one mistake
(shown D.rechingeri is D.citrina).

Macfarlane, J. M.: "Cephalotaceae". in: A. Engler (ed.): Das Pflanzenreich,
IV.116, Heft 47, Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig und Berlin, 1911.
Descr.: in Latin with English introduction, ?

Macfarlane, J. M.: "Nepenthaceae". in A. Engler (ed.): Das Pflanzenreich,
IV.111, Heft 36, Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig und Berlin, 1908.
Descr.: 95 p., in Latin with English introduction (26 p.), 19 drawings,
description and a Latin key to 58 species, about 75 hybrids.

Macfarlane, J. M.: "Sarraceniaceae". in A. Engler (ed.): Das Pflanzenreich,
IV.110, Heft 34, Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig und Berlin, 1908.
Descr.: 43 p., in Latin with English introduction (24 p.), 10 drawings,
1 B&W photo, description of Darlingtonia, Heliamphora nutans, 7 species of
Sarracenia (but S.leucophylla is referred as S.Drummondii, S.alata as
S.Sledgei) and about 30 Sarracenia hybrids.

Nothhelfer, Ingo: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen - Insektivoren". Spreyer,
Eigenverlag des Autors, ?.
Descr.: in German, ?

Overbeck, Cynthia: "Carnivorous Plants". Lerner Publications Co., Minneapolis,
1982 (adapted from Kiyoshi Shimizu: Shokuchu Shokubutsu
Descr.: primarily for children, 48 p., very good color photos, no information
on cultivation, no scientific names, no chapter headings, see also CPN
19/1&2 (1990) p.32-40.

Pietropaolo, James and Pietropaolo, Patricia A.: "The World of Carnivorous
Plants". Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, 1986.
Descr.: 128 p., ?

Pietropaolo, James and Pietropaolo, Patricia A.: "Carnivorous Plants of the
World". Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, 1986.
Descr.: 206 p., ?

Poole, Lynn and Poole, Gray: "Insect-Eating Plants". Thomas Y. Crowell Co., NY,
Descr.: primarily for children, 87+1 p., B&W drawings, see also CPN 19/1&2
(1990) p.32-40.

Prince, Jack Harvey: "Plants that Eat Animals". Thomas Nelson, Publishers,
Nashville, 1979.
Descr.: primarily for children, 92 p., B&W drawings and photos (unimpressive),
see also CPN 19/1&2 (1990) p.32-40.

Rahn, Joan Elma: "Traps & Lures in the Living World". Athenum, NY, 1980.
Descr.: primarily for children, 94 p., B&W drawings and photos, very good
book for children, no information on cultivation, scientific names used
very occasionally.

Rondeau, J. Hawkeye: "Carnivorous Plants of California". Available from the
Descr.: 51 pages, 7 colour photos, ?

Schnell, Donald E.: "Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada".
John F. Blair, Publisher, Winston-Salem, NC, 1976.
Descr.: 125 p., 116 color photos, 7 drawings, 25 maps, 67 p. of detailed
descriptions of species in these countries, chapters on cultivation,
propagation... Wonderful book!

Schwartz, Randall: "Carnivorous Plants". Avon Books,1975.
Descr.: ?

Shivas, Roger G.: "Pitcher Plants of Peninsular Malaysia & Singapore". Maruzen
Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore, 19??
Descr.: ?

Slack, Adrian: "Carnivorous Plants". Ebury Press, London, 1979 (following ed.
MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusets, 1980; Dorset, England, 1981;
Alpha Books, London, 1988; also in German: "Karnivoren - Biologie
und Kultur der Insektenfangenden Pflanzen", Eugen Ulmer, Stuttgart,
1985; in Dutch: "Vleesetende Planten", Spectrum BV, 1989)
Descr.: 240 p., color photos, one of basic books on CPs, D.E.Schnell said
in 1985 "It is the best general survey book for a popular audience published
to date. It contains a detailed secrion on cultivation, a list of sources,
and a helpful glossary."

Slack, Adrian: "Insect-Eating Plants and How to Grow Them". Alpha Books,
London, 1986 (also in French: "Les Plantes Carnivores les
Cultiver"?, Editions Diagone-Levy, Paris)
Descr.: 172 p., ?

Studnicka, Miloslav: "Masozrave rostliny" (Carnivorous Plants). Academia,
nakl. CSAV, Praha, 1984.
Descr.: in Czech, 152+12 p., 81 color photos, 4 maps, 10 whole-page drawings,
59 pages of description of various genera and species, 23 pages describing
kinds of traps, their mechanisms and digestion of prey, chapters on
cultivation, propagation, crossing, CP on agar soil. Very good book!

Swenson, Allen: "Cultivating Carnivorous Plants". Doubleday & Co., 1977.
Descr.: ?

Taylor, Peter: "The Genus Utricularia - A Taxonomic Monograph". Kew Bulletin
Additional Series XIV, Royal Botanic Gardens, 1989.
Descr.: 724 p. (incl. 220 p. of line drawings and 8 halftone plates),
excellent monography of bladderworts covering 214 recognized species,
morphology and anatomy of the genus, splendid keys, complete bibliography
and index... According to the review CPN 19/1&2 (1990) p.51-2 by D.E.Schnell
"I can recommend this book without reservation, and it should be in the
personal library of all serious CP students...".

Temple, Paul: "Carnivorous Plants". A Wisley Handbook, Royal Horticultural
Society, London, 1988.
Descr.: 64 p., 40 color photos, 18 pages of instruction on growing and
propagation techniques, 28 pages of description of various genera and
species, one serious mistake - showed U.intermedia is U.ochroleuca, it's
very good especially for beginners or intermediate growers, review CPN
22/1&2 (1993) p.42 by D.E.Schnell.

Waters, John Frederick: "Carnivorous Plants". Franklin Watts, NY, 1974.
Descr.: primarily for children, 60+1 p., nicely ilustrated by B&W drawings,
diagrams and photos, notice in CPN 4/? (1975) p.52 by D.E.Schnell and

Wexler, Jerome: "Secrets of the Venus's Fly Trap". Dodd, Mead & Co., NY, 1981.
Descr.: primarily for children, 64 p, B&W photos, no scientific names, no
page numbering, very excellent book on Dionaea for children, review CPN 10/?
(1981) p.82-3 by S.E.Williams, see also CPN 19/1&2 (1990) p.32-40.

no author (?): "Insectivorous Plants". ICPS, ?
Descr.: in Japanese, ?