New subscribers self-introduction

Brian Jones (
Thu, 21 Jul 94 22:18:15 PDT

Hello. I've been interested in CP for about 13 years. In this time,
I have purchased many small plants with plastic lids on top...only
to see them die a horrible, lingering death. Since this seemed to be
a regular occurence, I finally began to study the subject, and now have
a (mostly) thriving little colony of Droseras, Sarracenias, and
Pinguiculas in a 70 gallon aquarium.

However, I also joined this list to help quench my thirst for knowledge;

Is a closed terrarium too humid? I notice that my Drosera linearis
(?) tends to turn brown quickly (yet still puts out new leaves).

My terrarium is on the east side, with low light. I therefore
have two flourescent tubes as a supplement. However, certain
plants are not developing the rich, red hues they would in
full sunlight. Is there anything I can do? Increase the light
to 12? 16? 18? hours???

I have heard the Fullerton Carnivorous Plant Newsletter is a
good source of information -- but they won't respond to my
written requests for information. Any thoughts?

Finally, I am also interested in (successfully) expanding my collection.
Hopefully, I will see new sources for interesting plants waft by my
screen on a semi-regular basis. (I am particularly interested in
Drosera species.)

Thank you (all) in advance for any assistance you might give me.
Brian Jones