Flora & Fauna of E. Africa

jay gitomer (jgitomer@metamosh.clubfed.sgi.com)
Thu, 21 Jul 1994 14:56:21 -0400

Hi, all:

I'm cross-posting this, I hope, to various aquaria, herp,
and plant newsgroups. This is the first time I've done
this, so if I've neglected netiquette, I apologize.

I'm planning ahead for my next acquisition, hopefully:
a pair of Jackson's Chameleons. The habitat will be
6H x 4W x 2D, including a 2' deep tub as a base; the
tub will have one relatively large tree, and a small
pond that will be the re-
ceiving pool for a tall, gentle waterfall. Vitalites (two
4-ft tubes) will be installed at the top.

All I know about them is that they are from the high-
altitude forests of East Africa, and can't tolerate
high temps or humidity. I've been trying to research
their native habitat, but the area libraries I've been
to don't have the 'Flora of...' type books I'm looking for.

Specifically, I want to know what flora and fish are
native to the Jackson's environment. Bromeliads,
I know, and orchids.... but what about fish?
Cichlids? I want to know what their natural
environment looks like.

CARNIVOROUS PLANTS: are there any indigenous
to high-altitude East African forest?

FISH: Are there any fish indigenous to high-altitude
East Africa that are of visual interest when looked
straight down on? These fish will be in an indoor
mini-pond, not a tank. Fish demonstrating
interesting behavior would be great. A friend
recommended the Archer fish-- is this an
African fish?

ORCHIDS: can anyone recommend hardy, relatively
inexpensive species that fit the above criteria?

BROMELIADS: are all/some/any of these epiphytes?
What medium do I wrap the roots of an epiphyte in
before tying to branch?

waterfall in the corner. If anyone knows of any flora or
fauna that will survive well in a micro-habitat like the
cool spray of a waterfall, please mention it!

Thanks in advance for your time, your knowledge, &
your patience!

Jay Gitomer