Re: comets, soccer, and CP

Steven Klitzing (
Wed, 20 Jul 94 11:41:48 -0700

I've been watching the news reports and photos of the cometary
fragment impacts on Jupiter. I have an astounding CP theory
to present to the group.

Jupiter is one enormous carnivorous plant!

Notice, the fragments hit the planet, but they didn't come out.
In the next few weeks, Jupiter may grow some new bands. Apparently,
Jupiter emits some kind of scent that attract comets. In fact,
the entire solar system may indeed by some kind of large
solar Nepenthes plant with each plant representing a pitcher.
Earth, of course, is the only trap that catches anything worthwhile.
Any beings landing on the earth are digested after 75-90 years.
And, of course, escape is nearly impossible. Those victims that
inhabit the earth somehow are resistant to the corrosive effects
of the oxygen in the atmosphere.