Re: Cheers latest book

John Taylor [Catweasel] (
Tue, 19 Jul 94 09:41:14 DST

>> A month or two ago there was a good amount of traffic about
>> obtaining good CP books. For those of you still looking, you
>> might be interested in the following: Peter D'Amato at
>> California Carnivores says he has about 10 copies of Cheers'
>> A Guide to Carnivorous Plants of the World (1993) for $40.
>> Peter can be reached at (707) 838-1630. If you want to order
>> over the phone, have your credit card number ready. His postal
>> address is 7020 Trenton-Healdsburg > Road, Forestville, CA
>> 95436. He shares a location with a winery about 1/2 hour west
>> of Santa Rosa.
>The Australian Carnivorous Plant Society can do the same book for
>AUS $20 + postage. The more copies are ordered, the cheaper the

Whoa! Careful there - the recommended retail price in Australia is about
AUS$50 (Hardback - I don't think there's any softback version). More
likely this is Gordon Cheers' *first* book, called "Carnivorous Plants"
which is much small and less impressive. If this isn't the case, this
sounds like a pretty good deal...

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