World Insectivorous Plants

David J. Edmondson (
Sun, 17 Jul 1994 16:23:38 -0700 (PDT)

Since this is my first post here, I'll start out with a brief
introduction. I first became acquainted with CP in elementary school, in
the early 1970's, when I got a CP terrarium for Christmas. I grew CP
until high school, but had to give up my plants when I went off to get
different degrees in different parts of the U.S. Now that I'm settled
down (or so it appears), I'd like to start growing CP again. By the way,
I live in Alexandria, Virginia (zone 6 according to the Arnold Arboretum

Now here's my question. Does anyone have a current address for World
Insectivorous Plants or a successor outfit? I ordered from WIP in the
1980's and was generally pleased with the quality and selection. Thanks

Does anyone know of a good source for Drosera binata multifida extrema?