Slack and Cheers books... search

NBS/Haleakala Field Station (halesci@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu)
Thu, 14 Jul 1994 11:06:47 -1000 (HST)

If anyone finds a source for these, please let me know too (only, of
course, if they have 2 copies...).

If you can supply the publishers' addresses/etc. perhaps it would be
helpful to distribute it to the cp list & folks can deluge them with
requests for reprints... and include info like you presented (also have
the bookstores contact the publishers?).... if the publishers think
there's money in it, they'd probably do reprints... after all, that''s
what they're in business for.

Also, maybe someone could contact the publishers and ask them about the
status...are they already in the works for reprinting....??

Send the addresses & I'll write... anybody else game? -philip thomas