New subscriber needs help with Drosera

Tom Savard (
Thu, 14 Jul 94 12:58:28 -0400


I'm a new subscriber to the cp list. I'm currently growing several Venus
Fly Traps, a Yellow Trumpet, a Purple Pitcher Plant, some D. intermedia, a
D. capensis, some D. capillaris, and one butterwort (I don't know which

Most of my plants are growing well, save the Drosera. I've recently moved
and I'm having trouble getting enough light and food to them. The D.
capillaris and D. intermedia are in a terrarium and I can't seem to find
(and catch!) bugs small enough to feed them. I am under the impression that
Drosera need live food to trigger the movement of the glands. Is this
true? Any recommendations for food that's easy to obtain? Can my
butterwort be given the same food?

I have a D. capensis growing outside along with my pitcher plants. I am
using the "tray system". There seems to be enough light for my pitcher
plants, the purple one having recently flowered. However, the leaves on the
D. capensis are not fully developing. The ends of the leaves aren't
unfolding; instead they make a point, and turn brown after a couple days. I
think the plants get about 4-5 hours of afternoon sun. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!

-Tom Savard