Tue, 12 Jul 94 11:12:06 EDT

I have never heard of using dehydrated red mosquito larva before.
I can see how it would be a good food source though.

I have been having very good success with, of all things, ferret

I have two ferrets as pets. They are wonderful pets, but they
are extreme animals. When they are awake, they play and run at
fulll tilt and when they sleep, they sleep like the dead. As
a result of their extreme lifestyles, they need high energy food.

The ingredients of the food, in brief are as follows:

Poultry Meal, Ground Corn, Soybean Meal, Dried Blood, Animal Fat,
and then a bunch of vitamin suppliments. It smells horrendous,
but the ferrets love it.

My Nepenthes seem to as well. The food breaks down quickly in
the water in the traps and is absorbed faster than, say, a cricket.
I have been using the food for only a short time, but I have
noticed a difference. Plus, the traps don't fill up with
exoskeletons & carcases.

I have just started using it on my Sarracenia. I'll keep you