Re: Welcome back, Andreas

Alexander Salomon (
Mon, 11 Jul 94 14:29:46 EDT

I would also like to welcome you back, Andreas. And, I would like to
expand upon Perry's inqury about malaria prophylaxis. Currently, the
recommendation for areas where there is malaria is chloroquine. In
those areas where there is chloroquine resistance, Mefloquine is the
drug of choice for prophylaxis. The areas of resistance include almost
all of the malaria areas except Central America west of the Panama Canal
Zone, Mexico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Middle East. I
don't know the exact price, but immunizations and pro- phylactic
medication isnt cheap, especially in the US. It can cost several
hundred dollars for an American to travel to certain parts of the world
and be reasonably well protected. Even so, this prophylaxis is less
than 100% effectiv e. Beats the alternative though. Before travelling
to the Third World, it is a good idea to consult an expert in Travel
Medicine. They have the latest reports on where the outbreaks are, what
types of resistant organisms are about and the
latest recommendations for immunization/chemoprophylaxis.