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Mon, 11 Jul 1994 21:54:00 JST

To all,
My name is Isao Takai.
My friend telephoned me just a few minutes ago. He will send one shoot of
N.merrilliana to me after one or two weeks from now.
N.merrilliana is easy to grow in Japan.
But super difficult to propagate in Japan!! We never get goot result by cuttin
or layers.
I am increasing cp ( Drosera, Cephalotus, Sarracenia, Pinguicula ) by "TISSUE
CULTURES" at my home, hobby not business.
But I have no experience Nepenthes.
I need your advices.
pH? EC? Elements? etc?
I usually use 1/2M&S or 1/2L&S.
Please help to propagate this species.
My Internet address:BXA04262@niftyserve.or.jp

Best Regards from Japan
Isao Takai