Re: P.Moranensis and P.Vulgaris

Federico Fontana (fede%hqlab@Olivetti.Com)
Mon, 11 Jul 94 07:15:21 GMT

> In one message Michael wrote:
> >>Especially pinguicula. I have not had any reasonable success with
> >>peat/sand mixtures. Try to get vermiculite. Mine grow very well in
> >>pure vermiculite.
> I have try from 3 weeks, to grow my P. Moranensis and P. Vulgaris in
> pure vermiculite, at the moment these grow well. I fertilize these
> whith (19/19/19-NPK ferlilizer for orchids ) in reduce strange, i
> sprinkle the solution (water+fertilizer) over leaves one time a week.
> Do you think it's good for this type of Ping ?

>>Never tried to fertilize Pings before. Would be interesting to hear
>>about the results.

Next i will says you about the result of my try. I have read this
procedure over a magazine of plants grow.

>>I am right now trying to fertilize venus fly traps (dionaea) by feeding
>>with cooked egg (the white stuff of it) and first feeling that it drama-
>>tically improves growth rate, although it is still to early say finally.

cooked egg white ?
Much interesting.
I have read few line about feeding VFT with small piece of cooked red !