soot soot soot

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Fri, 8 Jul 94 10:49:38 MST

>As for sooty mold, it seems to run in cycles for me, some years Sarrs.
>have it and some years they don't. This year I have very little. In
>my experience tho, it is more of a problem of looks, I have never
>identified any damage to plants. How about you Barry?

Well, I've never seen a plant die because of it, but I figure that the mould
is blocking light going to the plant and that's the main reason I don't like
it. Strange, but this year it is not yet a problem, but maybe it's just a bit
early for the stuff still.

>so much nectar that long stringy droplets formed. It seems to me that soot
>problems were worse that year, hard to remember. Is it possible that the mold
>enhanced nectar production?

Sometimes when I finish playing with my plants I have to take a shower
because I have splotches of nectar in my hair, on my clothes, arms, a
real mess! I bet that since my plants are not exposed to rain, they
accumulate more goo than plants in the wild.

Also, knowing how much both horses and bears like sweets, I'm surprised
bears and deer don't munch Sarracenia to death!

I don't know why mould would stimulate nectar production. I'm pretty
sure it's the other way around.