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John Taylor [Catweasel] (
Thu, 7 Jul 94 22:04:16 DST

Jan wrote:

>Are you perhaps looking for the celebrated Robert Gassin himself who not
>only examined _U.dichotoma_ in the field but also described specimens
>(collected by Beauglehole) determined as such by Peter Taylor as a new

Yikes! - even I recognise Robert Gassin's name. He is involved in the
Victoria Carnivorous Plant Society (at least he was a couple of years ago).
At that time, he was the Field Trip Officer - in fact I attended his trip
to the Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve (my favourite CP haunt) and a
closed section of the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens where D. glanduligera is
found in large numbers (and large size!), as well as a U. australis location.

Barry, I have his phone number and can possibly track down his address if
you think this is the author of your missing letter...

(Ignore my last letter...)

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