Re: Re Phsyan / RD20

Ron Schlosser (RonS@nesbbx.rain.COM)
Wed, 6 Jul 94 21:41:52 PST

Benlate is off the market for ornamental use, you can still use it on
your vegetables. There are substitutes for it, basiclly sister compounds
which have the same mode of action and labeling. They are Clearies and
Domain. These 2 are identical compounds use which ever is cheeper or
available. Physan 20 is a good general algicide and sanitizer, a product
called Greenshield is the same compound but with an expanded label for
greenhouse crops. Another good fungicide is Daconil or Bravo. I have
used it for control of Botritis and have experianced some burn on
Drosera, mainly the leaves sprayed do not ever produce "dew" again, but
it does not kill the plant. On Sarracenias, I've never seen any problem
with it. Good air circulation is the best Botritis control, tho.