_Cephalotus_ culture

kevin snively (ksnive@mpbbs.eskimo.com)
Wed, 29 Jun 94 20:44:33 PDT

_Cephalotus_ Culture
i do not profess to be an expert
by any means but i do have some prefferences
as do all growers and i havn't lost a _Cephalotus_
in the last 5 years. first i like a looser mix
and am now using the same mix that i use for
my Tuberous _Drosera_, and also taller pots which
are left in standing water from april to september.
my green house is ran on the cool side summer
and winter. (summer high 95x F. winter low 35x F.)
But last winter i tryed one spare plant outside
nearly compleatly unprotected, and satuday i
discovered that it lived through the ordeal.
(min 17x F. = -8.3x C.) the only protection it
had were a large pot and some thin white landscape
fabric. in my green house the worst problimes are
mealy bugs in summer and botrytis in winter.
winter here is long dark and wet!

i propigate mainly by cutting's. in all
cases i would prefer seed but have been unable
to produce any. as far as cuttings go i try to
root every scrap that comes off the plant but
crown cuttings produce nice sized plants in 1/2
the time. normaly i take my cuttings in early
spring (march & april) or late fall after the
worst summer heat is over.


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