Re: Pathogens

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 29 Jun 1994 14:17:36 +0700

I think plants can take a certain amount of abuse from fungus or aphids or
scale, but if the plant is stressed for other reasons, these or other
problems will have an enhanced effect.

An example of this---I always have in the fridge some plants which are
hibernating and for which my greenhouse is too hot for too long (like my
plants from the Yukon territory). This winter the compressor blew on the
refrigerator, and so the plants sat at room temperature for three days.
I then popped them back into the fridge. I got nearly 100% death from
fungus for these plants, while normally I have about an 80% dormancy
survival rate.

I don't consider those plants died from fungus, rather they died from an
interrupted dormancy.
That question about Drosera seed, D.spatulata and capillaris will set seed
by themselves. Test for ripeness every few days. They can be sown immediately.
Same for the D.rotundifolia, except that these should be cold-stratified for
a few months.