Re: Cephalotus??

John Taylor [Catweasel] (
Wed, 29 Jun 94 14:58:57 DST

>From: "John Phillips" <>
>Subject: Cephalotus??
>Could anyone in the group share their successes with growing Cephalotus?
>I'm curious about what soil mixes, temperatures, amounts of sunlight and
>water, and container sizes people have had good results with. Also, I have
>one that is about to flower and was wondering if the flowers are
>self-pollinating, or can I pollinate them with a brush? And finally, if
>this is possible, what is the best way to germinate the seeds? Thanks for
>your help, John Phillips

Well, I've had reasonable success so far with mine in a 4 or 5" long pot
filled with peat/sand mix (2:1, I think - nothing special) and sitting in
a shallow tray of water (1" deep) during the warmer months. I believe
that the bigger the pot the better, and avoid disturbing them if possible.
It's in our unheated glasshouse with 50% shadecloth on the roof (and sides
during summer). I prefer not to let my plants flower - which is something
that doesn't happen very often with my plants anyway... I've never tried
seeds - plants are readily available and not particularly expensive (for
once :-( ).

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