Re: Hybrids:Species interbreeding-Flipper

Kenneth Hyers (
Sun, 26 Jun 1994 12:22:35 -0400 (EDT)

> > I ran across an interesting case of animal species interbreeding and
> >producing viable offspring. In Hawaii in 1985 (I think) a false killer
> >whale and an Atlantic bottle nose dolphin mated and produced what was
> >called a "wholphin". The offspring mated a few years latter with
> >another bottle nose and produced a 3/4 dolphin - 1/4 whale.
> > Just thought I'd throw that into the species discussion.
> >khyers@lynx.n
> was much more effective on the bad guys than the original dolphin?
> Fraser
No, actually the producers of Sea Quest decided to use the wholphin in a
show in which they battled a cabal of evil scientists who created a
carnivorous kelp through genetic manipulation. The kelp was being used
by the cabal in illegal whaling and only the wholpin, combining the
whale's size and strength and the dolphin's superior intelligence could
stop the malifactors. In the final scene only a small scrap of kelp
escaped the wholpin, and could be seen swimming up a small Oregon stream
and curling around the roots of Darlingtonia....