Re: Hybridization trends

Ross Koning (
Fri, 24 Jun 1994 14:49:37 -0500

At 12:04 AM 6/17/94 -0700, tomas polivka wrote:
>I think the main problem for crossing Sarr. with Darlingtonia is a diffe-
>rent number of chromosomes. I am not biologist but I think the crossing is
>forbiden in this case.

Many species cannot be crossed in traditional ways because
pollen cannot germinate, or pollen tubes cannot grow, or
sperm cannot be released in the female tissues of the other

It IS possible to remove the cell walls from different species,
force the cells to fuse, and then regenerate whole plants from
the fused cell. In many cases most of these are sterile or one
of the two sets of chromosomes is lost completely.

Someone pointed out that members of a family are more likely
to give positive results in this kind of manipulation...this DOES
seem to be the case.


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